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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Butterfly and Flower Card

Since last December I've been absolutely ADICTED to quilling. One of my friends taught a group of friends (including myself) how to make a quilled snowflake. She said that sometimes she would put them on cards.
After 1.5 hours of labouring over a simple snowflake, I thought she was crazy. I told her no way would I ever spend that much time on a card!
Since then I've had the pleasure of eating my words countless times, as I am incapable of making someone a card and not putting some sort of quilled creation on the front.

This month I saw Priyadarshini's blog http://takeaquillpill.blogspot.com/ featuring quilling contests and tutorials. I knew instantly that I would be returning to that site countless times. The challenge for this month was to make a card with a quilled butterfly and flower on it. I figured it was simple enough and set on participating.
However, I am a procrastinator at heart, and I found it was 3 days before the deadline and I had yet to start, so I pulled all my suplies and set to making the card. But as I am still a procrastinator, I waited until the night of the deadline to take pictures, and load them up onto the computer. And then I realized it was a different time zone and I was too late!
But all was not lost. I had fun, made a card for next time I need one, and learned a lesson.
Next time that I have 20 days to complete a project, I don't think I'll start 3 days before the deadline.


  1. Hello,

    I love your butterfly! I am too new to quilling and I also missed the Quill Pill challenge. May be next time we will make it on time. Happy quilling!

  2. Thanks so much Helen. I looked on your blog and your cards are gorgeous and classy! Great work. And yes. Hopefully next time we'll make it on time.